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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Let the games begin

Guest Transfers

In Aliwal Shoal the divers have done their first dive day and are on their way right now to Cremorne Estate. Aliwal Shoal offering them a great Sardine Run with a rainbow blessing. Meanwhile at Cremorne, in anticipation of their arrival, Ashley, Gary and our friend Dougie Dustan did a quick check out launch. Things […]

Somewhere Out There

Misty Mornings

Set up day at Cremorne, after a day of travel, Ashley, Bushy, Milley, Gary & Nicki are well rested after a good dinner and sleep at what will be our new home for the next 6 weeks. Launches looked great this morning as the first charters started their Sardine Run. Have a good day guys! […]

Creature Feature: Ragged Tooth Sharks

The Ragged Tooth Shark – Latin Name: Carcharius Taurus also known as Spotted Sand Tigers or Grey Nurse Sharks have eluded Scientists in their habits and therefor, compared to other Shark Species, very little is known about them. Like, Why do they come to Aliwal to mate? Why do they move to Sodwana to gestate? Where […]

Final Countdown

So far there are approximately 150 people that will share Sardine Run with us over a span of 6 weeks. With only 14 days to go, the countdown has begun. Gary and Nicki have done a quick visit to the site that we will call home, Cremorne Estate. Waking up to the frostiness is forgetten […]

Winter Wonders

humpback whale, baleen whale, marive life, marine mammal, cetacean

Our winters despite the (not-so) cold offer us absolute beauty. The Ragged Tooth Sharks have arrived in their dozens and this week end marked the first whale sighting of the season at Aliwal Shoal, there will more more waiting for us at Sardine Run. They will migrate north to calf and come back again around […]