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Author Archives: Nicki Gibson

Make Time for Makos

Mako Shark in the Blue

Make Time For Makos A PADI Project Aware initiative. Why are Mako’s Special? Mako Sharks are the smaller cousin of the Great White, reading on will give you a few reasons about what makes them special. Why are they called Mako Shark? The name comes from the Mãori language, literally meaning “shark”. In Samoan languages […]

Tiger Sharks Aliwal Shoal

Tiger Shark on Aliwal Shoal

Tiger Sharks of Aliwal Shoal Tiger Sharks are one of the species that Aliwal Shoal is world-renowned for its abundance of, most seen by divers all year round. Visiting in the Summer months from November to March, which arguably divers yearn for an encounter with more than any other. They are often seen on baited […]

The Octopus Teacher – Creature Feature

Octopus on the reef, changing colour for camouflage

My Octopus Teacher Film, is what inspired this blog. Our friends were nagging us to watch the film and we finally relented. It got me to thinking, seeing octopi is always such a treat due to their highly enhanced camoflauge. But what do we ACTUALLY know about them? (I’m talking about us mere mortal Scuba […]

Diving Courses & Internships

Diving Courses and Internships

Diving Courses & Internships Aliwal Shoal’s diverse conditions and marine life makes it the ideal place to start Diving Courses and Internships enhance your skills. Subscribe to our channel. On this particular dive, Florian was doing his Open Water Course and his girlfriend Annike her Advanced Course. With us was Duan, 16 years old grooming […]

Why Dive Aliwal Shoal?

Shark Snorkel

Why Dive Aliwal Shoal you ask? We ask, Why Not? Aliwal Shoal, South Africa Aliwal Shoal is the Adventurers Dream! It caters to all levels of divers. From never having dived before to technical divers with 1000’s of dives done. Photographic opportunities never cease. There’s always something to see, even when the viz is bad. […]

Non-Divers in the world of Divers

Non divers can do a try dive

Generally we don’t often get groups of solely non-divers. We do however, often get non-divers that accompany their diving partners, friends and family. This then most times leads to the following questions: What is there for non-divers to do? Besides the deck being a relaxing place to read a book, soak up some sun, have […]

Panoramic Views

River Mouth Launching

*Sigh* So beautiful. We are blessed in the country we live. Fish Eagle calls, beautiful scenery, we Love South Africa!

We Will Rock You

Happy Guests

This boat! Ha ha ha…so much of fun they having. The United Nations boat had to say good bye to Sweden today unfortunately but song is always good to cheer one up.

Day 5! We got it Baby! Baitball Baby!!!

Sardine Run Boat Divers

Their last day proved that all good things come to those who wait: Team Belgium had the most spectacular day on 2 SCUBA baitballs, being their fifth day on Sardine Run. Blue Team’s 4 day offered them 2 baitballs on snorkel for 30 minutes plus and Team China had a similiar day on their 3rd […]