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Author Archives: Nicki Gibson

The Great, Great White Encounter

Great White Encounters Off Aliwal Shoal Great White sharks on was a great treat for Aliwal Shoal along with all the Umkomaas Dive Charters and diving clientele experienced the food chain first hand. For those who haven’t already heard, seen on facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram and even the news paper – countrywide, read this blog for […]

11 Things: A Word from a VIP Guest

Tiger Shark Diving

11 Things that diving the Aliwal Shoal in South Africa teaches you Fellow divers from four different countries in four different continents Here is a list of 11 things you will learn when you dive at Aliwal Shoal in the coastal region of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Forget safaris on land, South Africa’s diving will blow your […]

Food for Thought!!! Shark Diving

Tiger Shark No Cage Diving

Tiger Shark at Aliwal Shoal, just off Howard’s Castle out of the Crown Area. To do Baited Shark Diving …or not to do Baited Shark diving …That is the question. Aliwal Shoal is a Marine Protected Area (MPA) meaning that our marine life is highly protected and users policed. Permits are stringently checked and prosecutors are heavily […]