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Creature Feature: Humpback Whales

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Some fun facts to make you look and feel like a boff!

Humpback whales are part of the Baleen Whale Family.

The collective noun for humpbacks is a herd, a gam, a pod or a school.

A whale’s tail is called a fluke.

Although we see them during the Sardine Run and they eat small fish, they are not there for they Sardines. They can eat up to 1.5 tons a day of small fish; Mackerel, salmon, anchovies, krill or small shrimp like creatures.

The average brain size of a Humpback Whale is 5kgs.

They are mammals and therefor give birth to live calves an nurture them for about a year. It will be a minimum of 2 years before mama will give birth again.

Baby whales, aka calves, take 10 years to grow to full size.

Mama whales grow bigger than papa whales. 49 to 52 ft is how long she can get while papa grows to between 43 and 46 ft.

A humpback whale can weight upto 40tonnes the equivalent of 600 humans.

Their brain weighs 5kgs and their lungs are the size of a small car.

Only the male sings. Whale songs are unique to each herd.

A Humpback Whale lives to 48 old on average but can reach the age of 100.

They can reach speeds of up to 18km’s per hour.

There you go, in just 5 mins you’ve become a humpback whale boffin! Now go off and show of to your friends.

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