Dive Sites of Aliwal Shoal

Bio-diversity of species

The dives sites of Aliwal Shoal are mind blowing!

Aliwal Shoal is our resident reef that spans approx 3km’s long and 1km wide. Diving here is an experience never to forget. From Pelagics to macro, pretty to scary we have it all.

The area also boasts two wrecks that are both different and magnificent dives. Let’s not forget our speciality…Shark Diving! Aliwal Shoal forms the crown of a Marine Protected Area. This means that no form of fishing is allowed on our dive sites. It also goes to say that no touching teasing or taking is allowed.

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All year round shark activity

Our reef boasts all year round shark activity.
Below are guidelines of seasonal sightings on the Dive Sites of Aliwal Shoal:

May to November

Humpback whales

June to November

Ragged Tooth Sharks
(Aliwal Shoal is their mating grounds)

October to March

Hammerhead Sharks

December to May

White Tip Reef Sharks, Manta Rays, Tiger Sharks AND Bull (Zambezi) Sharks

All year round

Oceanic (Pelagic) Black Tip Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles