NB: Be aware of hidden costs when comparing pricing. All our competitors DO NOT include cylinder, weights, Nitrox or Airfills in their dive price.


Non Diver Accommodation

Diver Accommodation

Reef / Wreck Dive

Baited Dive

Baited Shark Dive Upgrade

Reef Snorkel

Baited Shark Snorkel

Hard Gear Rental

Full Gear Rental

Gear Per Item

Nitrox Fill

Cylinder Hire

Weight Hire

2 Night 3 Dive Package

3 Night 5 Dive Package

4 Night 6 Dive Package

5 Night 8 Dive Package

6 Night 10 Dive Package

7 Night Unlimited Aliwal Adventure

9 Night Unlimited Aliwal Adventure


R 750.00 per person per night (including breakfast)

R 675.00 per person per night (including breakfast)

R 700.00 (including, cylinder, weights and Nitrox)

R 1500.00 (including, cylinder, weights & Nitrox)

R 800.00 (including, cylinder, weights & Nitrox)

R 600.00 (including snorkel gear)

R 1000.00 (including snorkel gear)

R 300.00 (per day)

R 400.00 (per day)

R 150.00 (per day)

R 120.00 (per fill)

R 50.00 (per dive)

R 50.00 (per dive)

R 3 240.00 per person

R 5 175.00 per person

R 6 480.00 per person

R 8 145.00 per person

R 10 350.00 per person

R 15 300.00 per person

R 19 200.00 per person

Looking to do more than just the normal reef dive experience?

Then our Unlimited Aliwal Shoal Diving Adventure and the Shark & Reef packages are just for you!!!

These packages have been designed for the “die-hard”, more adventurous diver. You will be in awe of the diverse range of life that is on show with every dive at Aliwal Shoal, which is also famous for diving with Sharks! We are the experts in shark diving, our expert shark guides will ensure the ultimate shark diving experience and ensure you encounter the maximum amount of shark sightings and species. We are the only operator that has 3 brand new boats, and offer only the best equipment in our dive center with no students on your boat and a MAXIMUM of 8 divers per boat.