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Non-Divers in the world of Divers

Non divers can do a try dive

Generally we don’t often get groups of solely non-divers. We do however, often get non-divers that accompany their diving partners, friends and family. This then most times leads to the following questions:

What is there for non-divers to do?

Besides the deck being a relaxing place to read a book, soak up some sun, have some cocktails or chill by the pool, we have other activities to offer.

First of course we’ll recommend that you to do a Discover Scuba Dive. This is a great way to join your person in the activity that brought you here with them in the first place.

One afternoon, we’ll kit you up in actual dive gear and explain each item’s function. You’ll be briefed on the safety aspects and then we’ll take you into the pool for the FUN stuff.

Your instructor will guide you on how to use the equipment and get comfortable breathing under water starting in the shallow end of the pool where you cans till stand. Once you are comfortable you will move into the deeper part and learn some skills.

The very next day, you will join the divers on an actual reef dive. This means that you will go out on the boat and see what everyone is talking about when they get back from the dive. Experience the freedom of the depths (limited to 12m on Discover Scuba Dive). Swim with rays, turtles, thousands of fish and enjoy the thrills that the divers get to experience of Aliwal Shoal.

You could opt to snorkel too. There’s an abundance of activities close by, water world 20 mins away for the kids, croc world 10 mins away. Surfing lessons at Scottburgh beach. Movies at the local shopping mall.