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Winter Wonders

humpback whale, baleen whale, marive life, marine mammal, cetacean

Our winters despite the (not-so) cold offer us absolute beauty.

The Ragged Tooth Sharks have arrived in their dozens and this week end marked the first whale sighting of the season at Aliwal Shoal, there will more more waiting for us at Sardine Run.

They will migrate north to calf and come back again around September moving back south with their new borns.

Not long now before these beauties start traffic jams on the reef. Our boats are not allowed to approach within 300m of them, when we wait for them to pass, make sure you have your camera ready, it’s a spectacle that will live in your memory forever. Not to mention the whale song under water. You can FEEL when they’re singing close by. No words can describe that feeling.

Happy diving.