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Aliwal Shoal is listed in Jacques Cousteau’s top 10 dive sites to dive in the world.

The beauty of Aliwal Shoal is that it caters for all skill levels. The reefs are alive with a diversity of marine life that you would travel to multiple destinations worldwide to see. Being a Marine Protected Area makes for the life to just absolutely flourish.

Our Wrecks, The MV Produce and SS Nebo are suitable for advanced qualified divers due to their depths being sub 18m.


All our dives at Aliwal Shoal and surrounding reefs are done via zodiac / rubber duck / rib. These boats are launched with a maximum of 10 divers from the Umkomaas River Mouth or the Beach. The boat ride is between 10 – 15 mins long. Once we reach our spot, we do a kit up and do a back roll into the water.

The launches are part of what makes Aliwal Shoal so exciting and our conditions can be truly adventurous.

Aliwal Shoal is a 3km long reef and about 1.5km’s wide. Thus, giving us around 20 sites to dive varying between 12m to 27m deep.

We have 3 wrecks. SS Nebo & MV Produce are both recreational dives while the MS Griqualand is a little deeper for Tek at 50m on the floor. Wreck diving is quite popular on these wrecks. This is since they have become home to a few resident Brindel Bass (Goliath Grouper) various eels, octopus and bull sharks close by.

Reef or Wreck Dives take place mainly in the morning but if conditions allow, we dive ALL day. Take a look at our Unlimited Packages.


  • 1 Reef or Wreck Dive
  • Weight belt, Cylinder and Nitrox Fills (EANX)

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