Reef Snorkel / Free Dive

A little taste of the ocean life. The feeling of a mermaid or merman. On the surface of Aliwal Shoal you’ll be exposed to some of the life we as divers experience.


On a reef snorkel, you’ll be privy to turtles, dolphins, whales, rays sometimes sharks and the reef fishes we get to swim around every day. Floating in the middle of the ocean gives you a sense of freedom you can’t find on any beach.

Our skipper stays with you while he watches you and the diver’s buoy line.

We take you on the reef snorkel where the divers go. This means that you can join your diving spouse / partner/ family member or friend while they dive. You will get to see the same Ragged Tooth Sharks, White Tips reef sharks, rays, turtles, eels and various other fish life they get to experience.

Aliwal Shoal has so much to offer you’d be sorry to miss out on this.


  • 1 Reef Snorkel / Free Dive
  • Snorkel Gear
    (wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins and weight belt)

Package Details

  • Maximum of 10 divers per boat

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(rates valid 1st November to 31st October annually)

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